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Make Drag and Drop Easy

DropPoint holds the files you wish to drag, in one part of the screen so that you can drag content without having side-by-side windows

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What does DropPoint do?

Ever found it annoying or tiresome to drag files across folders and windows? DropPoint hold your files temporarily in a part of your screen, until you wish to drag your files out.

downloadCross Platform
Works on Windows, MacOS and Linux.
lightningManage Files Efficiently
Organising files to quickly copy or drop into a single spot.
moveDrag Files Across Workspaces
Drop files into DropPoint in one Virtual Desktop/Workspace, and access it in any other


meteorGlobal Hotkey/Shortcut
Press Shift + Caps Lock (Shift + Tab for MacOS) anywhere on your PC to launch an instance.
moveMinimise to Tray
DropPoint minimises to tray by default. Double click on tray for a new instance.